Banks Pecht is a practical, business-minded, smart and
thoughtful executive coach. … I found her feedback to be
effective and it yielded immediate results.

– Assistant General Counsel, Fortune 50 Company

Banks Pecht is a practical, business-minded, smart and thoughtful executive coach. … I found her feedback to be effective and it yielded immediate results.

– Assistant General Counsel, Fortune 50 Company

Achieve. Clarity.

Evidence based coaching uses a data-driven approach that draws on cutting edge research in adult development, adult learning, change management, organizational development, group dynamics, and theories of self-awareness and self-management.

With Banks, your coaching experience begins with the facts, moves to clarity, and culminates in robust goals, concrete accountability, and practical plans for success. You work hard when you work with Banks, but you’ll probably find yourself enjoying it, too. Most do.

Banks leads you to your highest potential, listening closely to your goals and guiding you to proven strategies to achieve them.

Banks’s clients, corporate and individual, profit from her knowledge of all phases of organizational and career management, as well as the tools she brings from innovative research. She provides comprehensive evidence based coaching services to a broad corporate and individual client base, from senior executives at global Fortune 50 companies seeking to maximize their leadership potential, to individual clients addressing important issues of personal growth and transition.

Banks brings a proven, results-oriented approach to the coaching relationship that is at once accountable, smart, and fun.

Hone your leadership and communication skills to optimize your and your team’s potential
Develop the professional skills to advance in your current organization
Achieve greater work/life balance
Evaluate and create a plan for a career change
Engage your stakeholders: develop effective public speaking and delivery skills
Navigate critical professional and/or personal relationships
Re-enter the work force after a time spent supporting others
Reinvent yourself!

Sometimes Challenging. Persistently Fun. Always Powerful. 

Banks is a sophisticated thought partner and fierce advocate for her clients, encouraging them to think big, and act bigger.

When working with Banks, you will discover, clarify, and address motivators and blocks you never knew existed. Armed with this knowledge, you and Banks work together to craft and implement a tailored, measurable, time-limited coaching plan that maximizes your potential and your investment.

Banks Coaching can change life and work. It has before.

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Team Coaching


How Far Can Your Team Go?

  • Are you a new team, seeking to build successful internal dynamics and processes?
  • Does your team want to build strong morale and work smarter?
  • Are you a high-performing team that wants to optimize your longer term performance?

Banks delivers a coaching experience that is comprehensive and holistic, tailored to meet the specific needs of each of her corporate clients.

Banks spends time with your team, your stakeholders, and those who hold you accountable, to deeply understand the opportunities and challenges inherent in your team and its mission. With this understanding, Banks works with you to develop group coaching sessions and workshops that build your team’s connection, communication, and performance.

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